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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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password. >> oh, no. julius assange is alive. >> really? i thought you were friends. >> so what did you learn today? >> it's great to have mika back. >> ah! >> come to a deep appreciation. >> want to punch him in the nose. >> a deep appreciation how much i missed mika. >> it's not 9:00. it's 8:55:25. >> i have been shocked and stunned. surrounded by shoplifters here. >> you know what you're doing tonight? what you learned. ole ole, roll tide, bought tough one. i will tell you. >> roll tide, roll remnick and roll haas. that does it for us today on "morning joe." stephanie ruhle picks up coverage. >>there. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning a power play. democrats accusing the gop of rushing kbt nominees through confirmation without being properly vetted. >> to rush six of them through, each, bam, bam, bam, without having their ethics reports done is wrong.
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>> ethics groups and democrats crying foul as a parade of nominees goes before the senate this week. and a chilling video. the moments the gunman opens fire at the fort lauderdale airport while travelers are running for cover. the suspect is making his first court appearance this morning, while new questions are out today. why exactly did authorities give his man his gun back? concerns about his mental health. plus, no surprise. hollywood versus trump. dig after dig at the golden globes last night. >> the character has been dubbed the world's worst opera singer, and even she turned down performing at donald trump's inauguration. >> that, of course a joke, but this wasn't. capped by meryl streep's impassioned speech. >> powerful position to bully others we all lose. >> while donald trump and his team are hitting back this morning. we have got to begin today with the obama administration winding down and the trump
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administration ramping up. they are sending at least nine cabinet nominees to the hill this week starting with attorney general nominee jeff sessions tomorrow morning and tomorrow night president obama returns to chicago to deliver his farewell address and then the very next day, president-elect trump faces the media hopefully for his first press conference since late summer. we'll tee is all up for you. the best team in the business, our great panel, team of reporter, peter alexander live in d.c. peter, democrats, i would say a lot of americans across the board want to slow down these hearings because many of these nominees simply haven't been vetted. they haven't gotten their paperwork in? >> you know, that's exactly right. whether that happens appears at this point not to be very likely focusing on the fact many of donald trump's picks haven't finished background checks, unprecedented. house minority leader chuck schumer is among those expressing concerns as at least
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eight of donald trump's nominees prepare for confirmation on capitol hill this week. here's schumer. >> we are going to stand firm there should not be hearings until the office of government ethics gives them an examination, issue as report and then there should be time to question these witnesses. not since in one day. >> reporter: in a letter to senate leaders, director of what is the non-partisan office of government ethics said the packed confirmation schedule is of great concern putting undue pressure on his office. everyone inner in four decades since the office was seestablisd have they held hearings before an ethics committee process. the director says it could leave some of the selections, trump's selections, with potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues. >> and they are new names and new faces. unprecedented is like the destructive innovation of 2017. we say it all day every day and
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assumes the schedule continues and everyone shows up, what's it going to look like? who will we see? >> a busy week. live on misnushs you'll see, first tuesday, tomorrow, can you see two confirmation hearings for attorney general jeff sessions and the general john kelly, homeland security secretary nominee. wednesday, notably also donald trump's news conference, so a packed news day. rex tillerson for secretary of state, betsy devos as education, elakes ci elaine chao and mike pompeo, his opportunity to be heard as potential cia director. thursday, james mattis, ben carson for hud and wilbur ross, commerce secretary nominee. it is a packed house over the course of the next several days. stephanie? >> certainly is. turn to our panel. steve, no surprise, the
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democrats don't like this. the republicans are saying, no big deal as far as disclosures, getting all the information out there. what do you say? >> saying this is sort of part of a trend. that's what this is. how many times during the campaign when it came to these questions of ethics, of disclosure. think of the whole drama over donald trump and his tax returns did we use that word unprecedented. it was unprecedented during the campaign donald trump didn't release tax returns didn't put them out. how many times we haven't seen a major presidential candidate refuse to do that in the modern era, yet donald trump for all of that concern and outrage managed to get himself elected president. i feel we are going through a bit of a replay on this. absolutely unprecedented that everything you describe there about right now status of these nominees when it comes to getting clearance ethically to go before these committees for these hearings. typically how it worked in the past. not what it looks like now. bottom line, look at the u.s. senate, politics of this, republicans have the votes, have the numbers, they control it, unless republicans stand up and say we don't want this.
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we want to stop this, democrats are powerless here. >> but what does the law say? toure, the fact mitch mcconnell said this is no big deal. just clerical stuff they haven't gotten through. he had a much different message when obama was putting his nominee -- >> totally. i love when he says, grow up. we want to accept it, are you saying you're being petulant? ass eight hearings in three days? flood the mental zone of the media of the public so we can't take in the information you're giving us. the last time i think about a republican who was unvetted. i think about sarah palin. how did that work out? there's a reason why we should vet these sort of people. >> why don't they have the paperwork filled out? what's the argument? earlier todayanne conway
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said, asking extreme things. no one's asked for tax returns before. what are they not submitting? not to about complete jerk, i guess betsy devos, wilbur ross, talked about wealthy and powerful, if it's about paperwork, get your stuff in. >> there are a couple things going on. first the line from mcconnell, yes, this is counter to what he said eight years ago when president obama was coming in, putting his team together. the line from mcconnell, all of the information may not be in place bull all of this information will be in place by the time the senate has up and down votes on confirmation. make that what you want. the line you'll hear from him. the other two things happening here, one a larger number of people with significant major business backgrounds here. people bringing massive financial portfolios potential conflicts and entanglements, more in this administration as it shaping us than seen in the past and also, this is the campaign being fought out again now. democrats failed. try so hard to get trump on
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taxes, on his conflicts of interest, tried to get limb to budge, to bend towards them. failed during the campaign and i think that's playing out here too, aswell. a proxy fight in a way. >> and jared cushmkushner, his potential conflicts of interest had he ends up way prominent role in the white house. many within trump's team said jared is the best ally, the most reasonable. the one that can get donald trump top listen the most but haven't actually taken a lot of attention, haven't focused on who exactly jared is. a massive deal going on in china. his family business alone made $7 billion in acquisitions over the past ten years. remember, he runs the company. his dad is not able to run the company, sign checks because he's a felon. >> chasing the china deal right after trump is elected. why are they rushing so fast to cash in on this? to use this as a business chip?
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do they not understand a higher value in coming into government, and you wanted leadership. now you're getting it and still treating it as a business proposition? it's just very discomforting why they're not taking more of that sort of moral mantel le, you wad us to be leaders, we want to be leaders. okay. go do that. >> a turn to a serious, tragic story. two hours from now the man accused of killing five people inside the fort lauderdale airport will appear in court for the first time. at the same time just prepare yourself. new video from tmz showing the moment when esteban santiago opened fire on friday afternoon. we also just got video of santiago leaving jail and headed to the courthouse. nbc's jacob rascon is live in fort lauderdale with the very latest. jacob what are we expecting today? >> reporter: good morning. a half hour ago santiago left the jail, came here to the
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federal courthouse to formally face charges for the first tile. according to court documents, santiago confessed to planning this out, to going to his checked back baggage, opening up it going to the men's room to load and coming out, shooting methodically at people emptying two clips, 10 to 14 rounds before surrendering to police. those charges if convicted carry possible conviction of the death penalty. >> he told authorities months ago he was having terroristic thoughts. that was in november? >> reporter: we learned he walked into the anchorage, alaska, fbi office where he lived in nofr and told them that the cia was forcing him to watch isis propaganda videos. so he was held for observation fo mental illnesses. they took away the handgun he apparently owned but then four days later decided that he had committed no crimes and that he was able to be released. and they gave his handgun back
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to him. law enforcement sources say it appears that the handgun that they took away and gave back appears to be the same one that he might have used in this shooting in fort lauderdale. stephanie? >> gentlemen, quick to go after the authorities saying they gave this man his gun back. but without a judge to say that he's mentally ill, dhoent have the jurisdiction or the law on theirs side? >> makes me wonder how many times does it happen and we don't hear about it because nothing ends up happening. one case, easy to go back and say, wow, obviously a big screw-up, but also i wonder how many other times do you have individuals like this you look at and say, geez, there may be somebody here but we can't prove it, go to court, do something legally about it and it just goes on. >> police acted legally, the nra weakened the law to such extent that is okay. common sense. think about it. man walks into a police station says i'm having terroristic thoughts. i think isis is trying to control me, the cia is trying to
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control me but we have to give him his gun back? does that make any sense? >> it doesn't and easy for us to say, gosh, how does somebody take a gun out of checked luggage? but we say that because we're not hunters. if i was a hunter going on a hunting trip maybe i would have is a gun in my checked baggage. a thorny issue. >> it is a thorny issue. was he using a hunting rifle or a handgun? >> a handgun, two magazines. i don't disagree. >> i support the hunting culture in this country, the handgun culture is something different. >> all right. this conversation sadly ain't going way. coming up, breaking business out of ford. they're announcing right now they'll be building even more cars here in america. maybe some trucks. but next -- meryl streep versus donald trump. meryl with a striking, striking attack, really, on president-elect at the golden globes, and this morning, donald trump is on twitter firing back at meryl streep, but she wasn't the only one to take him on. >> this is the golden globes one of the few places left where
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. last night's golden globes making big, big headlines. not for winners and losers. meryl streep used her acceptance speech -- >> one performance that stunned me. sank its hooks in my heart, not because it was good. there was nothing good about it but it was effective and it did its job, and this instinct to humiliate when it's modeled by
6:17 am
someone in the public platform, by someone powerful. f it filters down into everybody's life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when people in position -- we all lose. as my friend princess leia once said, take your broken heart, make it into art. >> in a tweet recently from donald trump, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. and joining us, reporter from "the daily beast." first things theirs. meryl streep receiving the cecil b. demille award. i said meryl streep is not the most overrated actress, right there. kevin, talk to us about last
6:18 am
night. this is not a surprise. okay? we knew hollywood would go after donald trump and could have guessed donald trump would fight back? >> yes. i mean, meryl streep knew her audience and was in a room full of people whose politics she knew, frustration she knew and knew she would get a big rise speaking to that. you could tell the way the room was pin-drop silent in a room filled with cacophony and crunken roucrunk drunken rousing was listening. >> the fact that donald trump is pushing back specifically on this, and specifically saying, no. i was not -- why is she bringing this up? i've explained it. this is the dishonest media. i wasn't going after a disabled journalist. all you need to do is watch that individual ye. he actually was. >> we awe saw it. the campaign told us one of the moments tra struck a lot of people. the begins of meryl streep's speech was more powerful for me
6:19 am
noting we in hollywood are from across the tracks. we are from everywhere. i'm meryl streep, maybe elite now but i was a public school girl in new jersey. viola davis, elite in hollywood, come from a sharecropper's cabin. these are not people who were, born like donald trump. people who come from nowhere. the theater class kids are the ones that wanted to make a career out of it. these are just everyday americans who did thr shvery we. is that not the american dream? >> hold on. might be the american dream. fair to say there are many people in hollywood now out of touch with that america. that's an argument you could make. >> well, sure, yeah, but are they not america, too? right? they come from everywhere and they make up a significant and valuable portion of america. so to disthem as, well, you're just hollywood, no. that's -- they are real americans just as well. >> dissing them helped him win the election. >> i think the frustration over hollywood politics and people
6:20 am
frustrated about that need a new script. it isn't new. doing it since the '60s and '70s. will never stop. why you watch these shows and what celebrities are doing, getsing upset it happens is -- >> who is convinced by any of this? what i'm wondering. seen it so many times. watch that scene, 99.9% anti-trump in the election might be understating it, wreaks of self-sanction what's going on there. political self-sanction. who is convinced, persuaded by that message who wasn't already persuaded or didn't already agree? same token, donald trump's response moop is going to be convinced or swayed by donald trump taking to twitter looking very petty and vindictive? all i can think about that red and blue map. red counties, blue counties, deep cultural divide. every episode like this drives that deeper and deeper on both sides.
6:21 am
>> let me ask you this. hold on. which donald trump should we listen to? awards are over. who does donald trump get on the phone with at midnight? the "new york times" who he slams every chance he can get. then wakes up, and leads the day with, "the dishonest media" as kelly anne conway on "meet the press" asking you to look at the "new york times," the "new york post." here's what i'm tell the american people. >> let's not put these people on an equal platform. meryl streep speaking to television cameras, here's how i feel about things. that's typical of the golden globes as opposed to say the oscars. trump is, of course, the president-elect, should not be attacking specific americans and dissing them as if this is some playground. you're overrated, meryl -- she has a right to speak and he should listen. >> no one changed their vote. all they did, feel more impassioned ak the side they
6:22 am
were on and 345id a lot of people entertained. kevin, thank you for joining us. you two aren't going anywhere. we have to take a break. ford is building two new car lines here in the u.s. of a, and wikileaks holding a press conference right now pushing back on the allegations from the intel report released friday. and how is russia taking to the accusations? we'll take you there, live what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david.
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6:26 am
ali velshi. >> a lot of stuff is happening. as we're talking ford unveiling its announcement. three big points it's makingone pretty normal. remaking the f-150 design nap is the f series of trucks, the biggest selling vehicle in america for about, i don't know, more than 30 years now. they always have to refresh that, but more importantly, they're bringing back the ranger, a mid-sized pickup truck they last made in 2011, and the famous ford bronco, which they last made in 1996. that was a, over a 20 year run that car had. bringing them back. one in 2019, one in 2020 and manufactured here in michigan at the michigan assembly plant, which is in wayne, michigan. this is is a continuation of ford's offensive to sort of say we're going to continue to build cars in the united states. i do want to remind you, though, when ford made its announcement it is cutting -- not going to
6:27 am
build its new mexican facility, that was a $1.6 billion facility. it then said it's investing $700 million in detroit. it's not one for one, but this new a -- this new announcement should help that. now, at the same time, general motors, mary barra, continue to make the chevy uchcruz, it does justify moving those flanplants the united states. the two competing announcement now. ford banking in the idea that they are going to up their manufacturing in the united states, and mary barra at gm sticking to their gurns that -- guns that this is a long-term process that takes two to for you'res to make those decisions and they're sticking to their guns for the moment i. know president-elect trump took to twitter to congratulate ford. have we heard from these ford
6:28 am
executives, mark fields, for example, is he credits or attributing any of these decisions to dr s ts to donald his policies? >> reporter: he did say when i spoke to him last week, and i'll speak to him in a few hours, this is a vote of confidence in the proposals that donald trump says he's going to put into place to make america more manufacturing-friendly, but you know, he didn't attribute it to noi specific proposal. just a vote of confidence. i'll find out a little more today about why they made this particular decision. there is one undercurrent, economic undercurrent worth noting. small car sales have been declining in the united states. so there is a move into crossovers and small suvs, even the ranger. it's a mid-sized truck. not a large size, full-size truck. so some of this might be market-driven. i'm trying to get to the bottom of where this lies between being market-driven and being political.
6:29 am
>> how about the ancillary impact? do we know about parts? ford f-150 made a switch a couple years ago starting producing aluminum. if that's the case, aluminum from right here in the u.s.? >> reporter: good question. i don't know the answer but exactly what ford did. remember, this was in, in reaction to higher fuel prices. trucks become more expensive to drive as fuel prices go higher, because they're heavy. they've made a much more efficient engine in a lot of these trucks including the f series trucks and then decided they could make the bodies out of aluminum and have them feel as strong and act as well as steel. if you're a truck driver you don't want something that feels light and weak. they transferred to aluminum. there were doubters at the time but seems to met with a lot of success. where that aluminum is coming from is a good question. i'll check into that. >> how many jobs as a result? >> reporter: i did ask ford about that. they do not know how many jobs are involved, how many shifts.
6:30 am
all they said it will happen in the michigan assembly plant which is in wayne, michigan. interesting thing about that, it makes the c max and focus right now. focus production is headed to an existing plant in mexico. so this may be a bit of an offset. ford was going to have to announce a date at which those focus jobs were going to mexico. now it looks like maybe, i'm speculating, they'll be able to save those workers jobs in michigan by adding this when they lose the ford forke is jobs to mexico. >> terms of sentiment, might not know the total of jobs created it's more than zero. that is positive momentum and that's clearly what they're looking for. >> reporter: right. >> ali, thanks. i'll be sure to watch your interview in a come hours with mark fields. all right. it is time now for your morning primer. give you everything you need to know across the board to get your day started. the suspect in friday's deadly airport shooting in florida is due in court in 90
6:31 am
minutes. 26-year-old esteban santiago is charged with killing five people, and he could face the death penalty if convicted. president obama will travel to his hometown of chicago to deliver his farewell address tomorrow. nbc's lester holt will sit down with the president for "dateline" for his special exit interview airing this friday at 10:00 p.m. and the fbi has arrested a volkswagen executive over the company's diesel emission cheating scandal. remember that one? according to the "new york times," the executive faces charges of conspiracy to defraud the united states. and much of the country is still recovering from a massive winter storm, and so cold. snow and ice crippled the east coast delays flights, causing hundreds of auto accidents. california and nevada declared a state of emergency after record snow and rain caused mudslides and flash floods. and french police arrested 16 -- that's right -- 16 people in connection with the armed robbery of kim kardashian west
6:32 am
from a luxury hotel in paris in october. the reality star was tied up nearly $10 million worth of jewelry taken, and clearly it was a traumatic experience. all right. we're going to take a break and when we return, the newest member of the msnbc family joins me live. greta van susteren, here, here on msnbc to weigh in on the news of the day. stay with us. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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irk. all right, guys. turn up the volume. a big week in washington with senate confirmation hearings begins on some of the big names in donald trump's cabinet, but also a big, big week for here on msnbc, because we are welcoming a new member to the family today. greta van susteren here, her new show "for the record" premieres tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. she joins me now. welcome, greta. you are starting in the nick of time! this week, a massive week in washington with these confirmation hearings.
6:36 am
so many of them lined up. do you think anybody's got netting through? >> i don't know, stephanie, but couldn't have pick add better week. no shart 567 of information. all getting through but all pretty bruised. a few proverbial black eyes but all manage to survive. i'd like to see those ethics reports and get all the information in so that they can be completely vetted, because the worst thing is, if it drip, drip drips, gets confirmed and then a report may, a bunch of hearings and get a lot of distractions. if we're going to do it, let's get it done. >> and without seeing ethic reports and new names, like betsy devos, steve mnuchin, why do you say think confidence these people will get through. >> because republicans own the senate. that's the best tip. i don't get. one thing i hate about washington are excuses. if they want to get it done, they can get it done. they can work 24/7.
6:37 am
our military works 24/7, even the staff here at msnbc has been working 24/7 since an wednesday night to get a set ready for our show. if people want to get things done if they want to get them completed, all they have to do is get to work. so -- i actually -- i'm not sympathetic to the, we can't get it done on time. >> right there, doesn't that make you wonder why haven't they gotten their paperwork done? surely they can. wilbur ross it hire an assistant or two to get this done? >> of course. that's bipartisan. democrats dragged their feet on certain things, too. it really is, it's washington. and, you know, washington is in no hurry, seems like to get things done and they play a lot of games manship back and forth. like to poke each other in the eye about certain things. a lot of it is games manship and i feel sorry for the american people. sitting there doing their jobs getting their work done, multitask, get a lot of things done and wonder why can't
6:38 am
washington get this stuff done? and i don't blame them. >> i hear you. go inside the republican party. you'll speak to john mccain tonight. when asked about rex tillerson last week, rex tillerson going through, he compared that to seeing pigs fly, if he'd support rex tillerson. given donald trump on the russian intelligence report, and his lack -- i don't know how else to put it, his lack of willingness to accept it, do you think that could impact republicans who might not say, listen, it's great. we have the house. push it through. could they actually get seriously uneasy here and say, let's hold off on rex? >> i think the fair thing to do is, let's hear what this man has to say. and let's hope that he gets an aggressive grilling, lack of better word, by both republicans and democrats so that we know what we have. but give him a fair shake. i don't know -- in fact, the only thing i know is what i've read in the press and read he did jury duty and that a democrat on juriy duty with him
6:39 am
liked him very much and thought he was very fair. i find that interesting but it doesn't give me enough information about him and our senate has a job to really vet him, and i hope that they do this, and i hope they get all the information, and i hope they ask him the hard questions and he's going to have to answer questions about russia and about donald trump and russia. so -- basically, buckle up. it's going to about wild ride. >> all right. we're buckled up because you've joined the team. greta, you mean business joining this organization. what is your mission? what do you want to to deliver at 6:00 p.m.? >> facts. i love facts. which stories do you want to cover? if it's sport, what is it, why did the packers clobber the giants last night? go pack, go! and i want to know, what is it about senator jeff sessions. you know? is he the right one for attorney general? what did he say in the 1980s or what did he do? i want those facts, and even i thought it was interesting tra vice president biden said people change. all of those sorts of pieces of information, the little bits of
6:40 am
facts. that's what i want to get for viewers. get as many facts as i can to put the spotlight on these important issues, and also fun issues like the packers, and so that the viewers, so at the end of the day, they have something more to work with. that's what i want. i see that as my mission, and you know, i've got to tell you, stephanie, i'm thrilled to be here. you know, the people have been absolutely 100% nice to me, gracious, and i'm excited to do the job and hope i don't disappoint viewers. >> impossible. you won't. we are thrilled to have you. before you go, one more about expectations when, if you will cover the packers, will you be wearing a cheesehead? >> i actually came here at 5:30 this morning to be on "morning joe" and i have a cheesehead in the garage, in my car and almost brought it up and thought, ah, maybe they'll think i'm alongside weird. it's sitting in my car right now. with all your think ample for the packers, maybe, who knows, may show up in my office. i may go down to the garage. >> putting in my formal request
6:41 am
now. tuning in at 6:00 and hoping to see a cheesehead. greta, welcome. please, a reminder. you don't want to miss this, the prepeople "for the record with greta." i mentioned earlier, guest, john mccain. lots to cover. next, disturbing video as a palestinian plows through civilians in jews lil. t jerusalem. question, is isis involved. next, donald trump continues to downplay vladimir putin interfering with the election. those details ahead. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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russian officials now responding to u.s. intelligence report on a cyber attack during the election. the 25-page report released friday says putin aspired to help trump win the election two months ago. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is following all the latest from moscow. bill what are you hearing from people there?
6:45 am
>> reporter: yes, stephanie. this is a first official reaction, and it comes from the kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov and is pretty damning saying overall about the report it is groundless, baseless and utterly unconvincing saying the reports lacks evidence, presented in an amateurish unprofessional way and he says it's the product of an emotional fit and of a witch-hunt. that phrase is interesting, because donald trump used exactly that phrase in an interview with the "new york times" last friday. and finally, peskov says russia is seriously tired of these allegations. he was also asked if vladimir putin had read the report and he said there's nothing in it that's worth reading. stephanie? >> now we're starting to hear rumblings of vladimir putin meeting with president-elect trump? >> reporter: yes. well, peskov also talked about
6:46 am
the very tense period in relations, but looking forward to a more sober approach, and he already hinted that at least vladimir putin was looking for a date in the diary. they are very much looking forward to the end of the obama era. obviously, relations between president obama and vladimir putin are pretty terrible. so strong hints here from moscow they are already looking for a time soon when the new -- the president-elect donald trump can meet vladimir putin. stephanie? >> thank you, bill. i want to bring back in our panel. steve ker knacky and toure to break it down a little more. toure, based on what we've heard from the kremlin, donald trump and putin won't be meeting or doing anything until president trump is sworn in. do we believe this. >> i don't believe anything in the kremlin and i don't know why it's not a greater national outrage. a story a lot of trump supporters, what does it mat jer
6:47 am
this is sour grapes? that's trump's go-to line, sour grapes. this should be incredibly frightening to every american. are you serious? that it worked out for you this time, do you really think 2 will work out for you next time? do you really think they didn't hack the rnc as well, which we know they did and won't have information to hold over trump over the next four years? incredibly frightening this happened and people are not freaking out about this more. i don't understand. >> okay, okay. steve, a cynic might say, i'm not surprised toure is freaking out about this. we know how he feels about donald trump. i want to share what lindsey graham had to say. take a look. >> we should all, republicans, democrats, condemn russia for what they did, to my republican friends who are gleeful, you're making a huge mistake. most republicans are condemning what russia did, and to those who are gleeful about it, you're a political hack. you're not a republican. you're not a patriot. >> okay. so how does the gop, how do
6:48 am
republicans come out of this? how do you stand behind donald trump and feel this way? >> well, i have to say, though, lindsey graham there, that illustrates a bit of a divide in the republican party. look at results from the primaries last year in the general election, lindsey graham is on the short side of that divide i think in the republican party when it comes to policy towards russia, policy towards putin, and a foreign policy in general for this country. donald trump obviously had this issue with the election involvement itself, but donald trump also made a point throughout the entire campaign, 2015 and 2016 telling republican primary voters first and general election voters second saying i'm imagining a different relationship with putin. imagining a different relationship with russia. a more cooperative, more productive maybe even a more friendly relationship now. think of that what you will. we know where lindsey graham stood on that. the party of ronald reagan will never nominate somebody who expresses those views. well, the party of ronald reagan did nominate somebody who expresses those views, did elect him and you're having a battle what the direction of foreign
6:49 am
policy is, what the direction of a republican foreign policy should be. that debate is spilling into this. you see graham, still representing that side of it. my question, though, is, lindsey graham, how many republicans at this point is he speaking for? >> okay. well, we've heard lindsey graham, heard john mccain say similar things, yet donald trump continues to bring this back to hillary clinton and her loss. he said over the weekend, these are democrats who are embarrassed by hillary clinton's loss, but throughout this report, we're not actually hearing anyone try to delegitimatize donald trump's win or hearing anyone say something happened in the voting booth that it would have changed the outcome of the election? >> we have to separate the two things. >> help me he. >> be honest about this. there is a huge political aspect to this and this works on both sides. an eagerness on the part of republicans who voted for and support donald trump or just don't like democrats to dismiss any possibility anything russia did in this election had any bearing whatsoever.
6:50 am
absolute nonsense and the tact donald trump took this weekend. same time, absolute eagerness on part of democrats to take anything revealed about russia did saying that settles it. donald trump's only the president because is only the president because of russia and because of putin and because of james koemy. >> there needs to be a separation here between what this actual report is putting out there, which does not take any position and it's true, you will never know, never be able to conclusively say the russians did x. in an election as close as this one that came down to three states, a couple thousand votes, you could point to any number of things and say that was the difference. >> well, if russia wanted to create chaos, they certainly did. >> we're taking a break. next, video out of israel. is this a lone wolf terrorist attack or did isis have a hand?
6:51 am
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>> israeli authorities have arrested nine people in connection what they are calling a terror attack on soldiers. we warn you, the footage is disturbing. surveillance shows when a truck rammed into a crowd of soldiers on sunday. four people were killed, three women and one man. ali, who has been arrested here? >> nine people have been arrested. israeli police spokesman said five of them were related to the attacker. they all lived in the same neighborhood in east jerusalem where the attacker lived. whether charges will be brought or will unfold will be determined in the next few days. prime minister netanyahu tried to blame this on isis but said this is part of the same pattern inspired by the islamic state
6:55 am
that we saw in france, germany and now jerusalem. but to expound on that, stephanie, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack and palestinians with no links to isis have carried out ramming attacks in the past so the story is still unfolding. >> blame april siside, it is a . >> and next, a former chief of staff of the defense secretary will be here to give the behind-the-scene details of these senate showdowns. through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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6:59 am
jackson. today lots to cover on msnbc. deadly rampage. just one hour from now the 26-year-old suspect set to appear in federal court after the fort lauderdale shooting with stunning new security footage showing the moment he opened fire. and confirmation chaos. capitol hill prepping for a jam packed schedule of hearings for president-elect trump's cabinet nominee. we're going to tell you why furious democrats wants a delay now. plus hollywood drama but this isn't the movies. donald trump responding to meryl streep's takedown. >> but there was one performance this year that stunned me. now he says she's overrated. so why should we care? we're going to talk about it. we have new video of esteban
7:00 am
santiago being taken to federal court where he'll face formal charges in the shooting that killed five people friday. dramatic new airport video shows him calm lily reaching into his waist band and opening fire on the unsuspecting crowd. >> it was that blood curdling scream as people were trapped, nowhere to go. >> we go to the broward health medical center where several victims are still in the hospital this morning. jacob, what do we expects where you are at the courthouse. walk us through it. >> santiago will be at the courthouse and the judif


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